May 17, 2022

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Travel Solutions: Where’s the refund for my update on Cathay Pacific? | Journey

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Q: I not too long ago requested a refund from Abroad Journey Travel for an air ticket I bought through them for a Cathay Pacific flight. I had booked a spherical-journey high quality economy ticket from San Francisco to Hong Kong. A consultant from OAT air section proposed this improve to premium economic climate simply because Cathay Pacific experienced a exclusive fee. I compensated OAT an additional $1,300 for this enhance.

On the flight from San Francisco to Hong Kong, I was not seated in high quality financial state. The cause for this action by Cathay Pacific was a modify in plane. Even at look at-in on-line, the transform in seating was not disclosed. I was incredibly upset and stressed. I paid great money to be seated in a seat of my selection for this 12-hour flight.

I have contacted OAT a number of situations. They keep telling me that it can take time to get a refund from the airways. I imagine that heading on four months is way much too very long of a wait around. I wish a refund from OAT to my account of $650, 50 {2c7239c9a7a702744f50a2550e3a606796d212ac94bcade170c7080cb738bbda} of the round-vacation ticket. Can you support me? — Margaret Carroll, Livermore, California

A: If you had a ticket in top quality financial state, you should really have sat in high quality financial state. Cathay Pacific could have been a lot more proactive about notifying you, and the refund ought to have been automated and significantly more rapidly.

But an aircraft change — or “equipment improve,” in airline parlance — is not a bait-and-switch. It comes about pretty routinely when a airplane isn’t operating appropriately, or the airline needs to accommodate much more passengers. However, I consider Cathay Pacific could possibly have alerted you when you checked in and available other possibilities, such as rescheduling you on a flight with quality economy.

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