May 17, 2022

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Stockholm, including golf at Bro Hof Slott and Ulna, as a post-cruise option

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Save 20% on cruise fares. You’ll also get a free Experience More Essentials Package. On...
Take the Train to the Fairway: Bucket List Golf Courses by Rail | Tailor  Made Rail

Save 20% on cruise fares. You’ll also get a free Experience More Essentials Package.

On this Golf Cruise, you get a Free Veranda Stateroom when you book before August 31, 2022

Azamara® is proud to offer a 10-night, 4-round golf and sightseeing voyage of the Baltic Sea in partnership with PerryGolf. It begins in Copenhagen and ends in Golfpaket nära Stockholm, the vibrant capital city of Sweden, on a cruise with less than 700 guests aboard the outstanding Azamara Pursuit.   The quality of our four-round line-up is sure to surprise and delight our audience. We visit no fewer than six countries, including Denmark, Poland, Sweden, Finland, Russia and Estonia.  In St. Petersburg, Russia, known as “The Venice of the North” and renowned for its golden dome churches and extravagant palaces, including Peterhof and The Winter Palace, we spent two unforgettable nights.  Known for its parks, clean air, and clean water, Stockholm is the capital of Sweden. Additionally, we offer a fantastic option post-cruise in Stockholm including golf at the excellent Bro Hof Slott and Ulna golf courses…and the epicentre of Sweden.

We are proud to be home to some of the best golf courses in the world, including Sand Valley in Poland, Visby Golf Club in Sweden, Hirsala Golf Club in Helsinki, and Gorki Golf Club in northwest Russia.  Each of these courses has state-of-the-art construction and outstanding facilities.  As part of our post-cruise package, we offer golf at the excellent Bro Hof Slott and Ulna Golf courses… Find Out More.

In addition to serving as our perfect floating boutique hotel and clubhouse, Azamara Pursuit is a midsize luxury vessel nimble enough to access smaller ports yet large enough to provide every amenity you would expect, including fine dining, live entertainment, a well-equipped gym and full-service spa. Sixty-six suites are available with butler service, which are regularly booked well in advance. It is not uncommon for sailing schedules to include extended stays in port and occasional overnights, which makes for a truly immersive experience. Further, these cruises include a variety of beers, spirits, soft drinks, bottled water, specialty coffees and wine with lunch and dinner, as well as gratuities for the housekeeping, dining and bar staff. In addition to its signature AzAmazing EveningSM and the White Night party, Azamara also boasts two unique signature events on each cruise – complimentary for all guests and consistently received well.

Throughout the golf program, PerryGolf’s staff is in charge of every aspect of it onboard and ashore. Each venue will have your clubs prepared for you. You will be assigned a tee time and paired with another golfer. The convenient transportation schedule allows sufficient time for warming up at the range and to make the almost inescapable pro shop purchase. Golf carts are always provided, if available. During our farewell gathering, we held a friendly competition at a selected course. After the round, the clubhouse operates with an open bar, which includes a snack lunch. On the average, we have between 40 and 50 guests who form new friendships during each cruise, which brings together like-minded individuals and brings like-minded people together. A number of guests travel with their non-golfing spouses as well as golfing couples. The specially arranged social events hosted by the golf groups onboard, in which non-golfing spouses are most warmly welcomed, further enhance the club-like atmosphere. When we are not conducting golf excursions, the award winning Azamara Shore Excursions® program offers a wide range of off-ship excursions to our non-golfing guests.

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