September 24, 2021

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Self Treatment | MUSC | Charleston, SC

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Extra Self-Treatment Means:


College existence is a time period throughout which individuals are for the most part exposed to pressure and deficiency of time, posing a barrier to adoption of nutritious tactics (1). A wide range of studies employing self-report steps persistently present that U.S. clinical pupils normally pay insufficient notice to self-treatment (2).

It is typical for students to neglect their very own wellbeing and self-care throughout this time with the pressures that tutorial and co-curricular commitments can make. Furthermore, specialist degree trying to get pupils can have more private components to incorporate to the complexities of establishing time this kind of as possessing a family members, entire time work, or money obligations. 

Self-care can finest be described as simply “behavior directed toward boosting one’s wellness and achieving self-improvement (3) which can be personalized to just about every unique.

Popular self-care tactics can involve:

  • Typical visits to College student Health Companies or a health treatment provider 
  • Particular Cleanliness (e.g. oral, grooming, bathing, and so forth.)
  • Obtaining appropriate amounts of rest
  • Limiting use of liquor
  • Steering clear of use of tobacco and unlawful medication
  • Reflecting on overuse of digital units
  • Other healthier patterns that lessen probabilities of health issues (hand-washing, receiving flu vaccine, and so on.) 


Sajwani RA, Shoukat S, Raza R, Shiekh MM, Rashid Q, Siddique MS, et al. Understanding and observe of healthier life style and nutritional behavior in healthcare and non-health-related college students of Karachi, Pakistan. J Pak Med Assoc. 200959:650–5. [PubMed: 19750870]

Ayala et al. U.S. clinical students who engage in self care report considerably less pressure and higher quality of life BMC Clinical Education (2018) 18:189

Pender NJ, Murdaugh C, Parsons M. Wellbeing marketing in nursing exercise. 6th ed. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall, 2010.

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Assess Your Self-Care –
Full Study for a Possibility to Win a MUSC Promotional Prize

Share your tale with us on what you by now do that contributes to your dietary nicely-getting and why it is helpful to you. At the stop of just about every month, we will attract from the submissions and award several MUSC Advertising Prizes (e.g. drinking water bottle, seaside towel, yoga mat)!


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MUSC Working Out Wellness Lunch and Master Session

With MUSC being an ACSM Work out is Drugs campus, the MUSC Wellness Center and the University student Wellness Advisory Group sponsors a sequence of lunch and learns exactly where campus and neighborhood gurus are invited in for a dialogue on student decided on wellness topics. Former lunch and discover topics have included:   

  • Optimal Diet
  • Strain and Anxiety Reduction
  • Advertising Bodily Activity
  • Fitting in Self Treatment
  • Sleep HygieneProper Sort for Weight Coaching

Are you an on the web or distance student? All periods will be hosted Microsoft Groups and will also be recorded so you will have the capability to participate as nicely! Far more info will be up to date right here for obtain to impending classes.

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Examine Your Blood Tension &
Discover to Lessen Your Blood Strain

Superior blood force often has no indicators. In excess of time, if untreated, it can trigger wellness circumstances, this sort of as coronary heart illness and stroke.

The MUSC Wellness Center just put in a new blood strain reader called Healthbot that can be uncovered at the entrance to the Cardio Area. You can produce an account and measure your blood force more than time. There is also a “1 time visitor use” possibility if you decide on not develop an account. 

Health bot machine 

Find out what your blood force readings suggest and the implications of individuals readings. 

Begin to make decisions that lead positively to your blood strain readings, together with:

  • Consume a well-well balanced, low-salt eating plan
  • Restrict liquor
  • Love normal actual physical action
  • Preserve a nutritious body weight
  • Get all medications properly 

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Additional Self-Treatment Methods:

Fitting Self-Care into Your Schedule

Self-treatment does not have to be time consuming. For much more on self-care, take into consideration looking at choices from this TED playlist on the subject.

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Understanding Alcohol Use – Rethinking Consuming Calculators

Have you ever questioned how alcohol can affect you outdoors of how it tends to make you feel?  Simply click on the photos under to see factors like how lots of energy you consume, and how considerably alcoholic beverages basically prices to you for every week, month, or even a 12 months!

Three cocktail drinks drink size calculator

alcohol calorie calculator alcohol spending calculator

 calculate blood alcohol content

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Liquor Threat Reduction – Rethinking Consuming

Consuming can be effective or destructive, dependent on your age and well being status, the condition, and, of system, how a lot you consume. It is critical to regularly evaluate your drinking patterns and if important, make improvements for greater overall health.

Take a look at the NIH’s Rethinking Consuming internet site and discover out exactly where you stand with your ingesting behavior. Complete the Look at your consuming pattern and See signals of a issue sections to get fast responses. 

A downloadable brochure on Rethinking Drinking is also available for your reference.

For campus sources with material abuse, please pay a visit to the MUSC Pupil Counseling and Psychological Services Substance Abuse Counseling page.

For more facts on what’s taking place on campus, pay a visit to the MUSC CDAP website and consider signing up for the MUSC CDAP’s Buddies Record to get the most up-to-date information on alcohol exploration.

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