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Parking at airports for long periods of time has its advantages

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Parking at airports for long periods of time has its advantages

In comparison to day-use airport parking, long-term Reptéri parkoló is significantly cheaper. With long term airport parking you can save time and money while knowing that your car is secure while you travel for days. 

Taxi Costs Can Be Reduced

By adding up what you would spend on public transportation to and from the airport, you could save money. During rush hours, Uber and taxi drivers will usually charge higher fees since it can take them longer to reach the destination because of traffic. You can avoid those fees by using long-term airport parking, while travelling at your own pace. 

Park & Fly offers a loyalty rewards program for frequent travellers. We offer point-based rewards for storing your vehicle with us, which can be redeemed to cover future fees. 

Public transportation can cause unexpected delays

It is not always possible to count on taxis and buses to arrive on time. It is also difficult to find an Uber during peak hours. You will be able to minimise your transportation time and alleviate the anxiety of missing a plane because of long delays or complications if you use your own car to drive to and from the airport. 

You can take shuttles from long-term parking facilities to the airport and back from their facilities (often family-friendly). With such close proximity to the airport, you won’t have to worry about a long commute.

Easy and quick airport parking reservations online

Online or with an app, you can easily reserve parking. Besides comparing prices, you should find out about their shuttle services (if they are not immediately near the airport). It is also possible to read customer reviews about each lot and learn how your vehicle will be parked. 

You can often find online information about the current condition of your car and the exact location where it is parked. Even if you’re fatigued from your flight, you’ll be able to easily find your car and drive home. Also, you can save time by using valet parking. 

Parking at airports for long periods of time has its advantages

Safe and secure storage of the car

Automotive investments should be kept secure and out of the elements. Your vehicle will be there and unharmed when you return if you park it long-term at the airport. While you are away, you can choose from a variety of parking options at many parking lots. 

While you are away, you may even choose to have the inside of your car vacuumed and washed so that you return to a clean vehicle. 

Airport transportation leaves without a wait

Most people are exhausted when they arrive home after a long journey. If your flight is delayed, waiting for an Uber, taxi, or other transport may take a while. By parking your car near the airport, you can pass the lines waiting for transportation and finish your trip home. 

How long does long-term parking last?

Generally, “long-term” parking refers to parking for more than a week. A long-term parking facility may be able to store your car even if you are going on a weekend getaway.  Even if you’re gone for weeks, your car will remain safe during your absence. 

While you are away, Park & Fly takes care of your car in a safe and secure environment at an affordable price. To get to our facility from the airport, we have shuttles (including two that are child-friendly). Let us take care of your car. 

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