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Crossed wires amongst airline, vacation company depart consumer pleading for a refund | Travel Troubleshooter

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Tap Air Portugal reschedules — and then cancels — John Schmidt’s flights. He wants a refund, but the airline is supplying a voucher. Who is proper?

Q: In August 2019 I booked two spherical-vacation tickets to Lisbon, Portugal, on Faucet Air Portugal, working with Flight Network, an on the web travel company. In March 2020, two months in advance of my scheduled departure, Faucet notified me of a major timetable alter. My new outbound flight departed a day later than at first scheduled. My new return flight remaining two several hours before.

Thinking about these adjustments, I requested a whole refund, as all my vacation designs were being essentially negated. Nearly two months later, Flight Community notified me that my flights have been canceled owing to the COVID-19 pandemic, and that Tap was presenting vouchers. I reminded Flight Community that my refund request was because of to adjustments produced by Faucet and not the pandemic. 

Flight Community yet again conveyed my ask for for a complete refund. Tap responded to Flight Community with, “We will advise our refund division of passenger’s conclusion,” and, “This circumstance will be closed.” Not very reassuring. I understand these are making an attempt periods. Nevertheless, I am concerned that my request may perhaps have been discarded or even worse however, that my refund may possibly have been indefinitely postponed. Can you support me get my refund? — John Schmidt, New York Town, New York

A: You’re appropriate, this refund ask for has almost nothing to do with the pandemic. Faucet Air Portugal modified your flight by an entire working day. TAP’s standard situations of carriage (the authorized arrangement involving you and the airline) address your condition. Area 8.2.1 states if the airline cancels your flight, it will give you a total refund of the ticket not flown, in the kind of vacation credit or refund via the similar type of payment you designed when you acquired the ticket.

Faucet canceled your flight and rescheduled you for the following working day. Case closed.

So what went completely wrong? It looks like one thing may have gotten misplaced in translation between Flight Community and Faucet. It is accurate that you will need to make a refund ask for by way of your on line agent, but nothing is stopping you from also calling the airline specifically. I list the names, numbers and e-mail addresses of all the Tap Air Portugal supervisors on my shopper advocacy web-site, A short, polite e-mail to just one of them could have helped. Or not.

At the time you sought a refund, Faucet was attempting to procedure a lot more refund requests than it had at any time observed at as soon as. And in that feeling, the pandemic experienced a lot to do with your refund trouble. It appears to be as if your case received thrown in with the relaxation of them, with an individual determining that a voucher was your only choice. Comprehensible — and unlucky.

I contacted Faucet Air Portugal on your behalf. A agent called you and claimed a “system glitch or human error” experienced delayed your refund. Tap returned your funds, as promised.

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