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Cancun transportation: everything you need to know

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Cancun transportation: everything you need to know

Due to the large number of tourists coming into and leaving Cancun, the airport is one of the busiest in all of Mexico. As there are no airports in Tulum or Playa del Carmen yet, all travellers wishing to reach either of these places must first arrive at Cancun Airport (CUN).

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Transportation or shuttle services are not provided at Cancun Airport. A number of companies, including Cancun Airport Transportation, offer shuttle services to and from the airport.

Getting a service in advance to move to any destination within or outside Cancun is another option to consider before travelling there.

There are reliable, safe, and quite fast airport shuttle services in and out of the city. You can get to destinations like Playa Mujeres, Puerto Morelos, Akumal, Tulum, and the Riviera Maya with a shuttle service in Cancun.

The driver can not only take you to your hotel, but also to your Airbnb or favourite attraction within any of these locations.

You won’t have to wait or stand in line when you arrive in the city if you book a shuttle service in advance at the airport.

In order to decide whether to use a transportation service in Cancun, you have to determine your type of trip as well as the number of people you will be travelling with.

Transportation on a private basis

With Cancun’s private transportation, you’ll arrive at your destination without being stopped or talking to strangers. Furthermore, you will find it convenient to move smoothly and directly to where you want to go.

Transporting groups

If you are travelling with seven or more people, the group transportation service is ideal. Probably the most popular choice for travellers who enjoy being accompanied by friends or loved ones and don’t like travelling alone.

We provide this type of service for group trips, hotel transfers, tours, weddings, conventions, school trips, business trips, and more.


In cities like Cancun, travelling by bus is more common than you might think. Transfers by bus have only one disadvantage: you won’t arrive at your destination directly. Transfers are instead made from terminal to terminal with many continuous stops, making getting to wherever you’re going much slower.

The distances from hotels to the airport are usually long, so you may also have to take a cab or other transportation service.

Transfers with SUVs or VIPs

VIP transfers are offered by most transportation agencies. There is a slight price difference between this and the taxi and private transportation services, but it is the most comfortable. These agencies generally accommodate five to seven passengers.

The advantages and disadvantages of Cancun’s different modes of transportation

It is essential to choose the right transportation method to move in and out of Cancun because it is a small, but very urbanised city.

The VW Transporter, Toyota Hiace, and SUVs can be used for moving around Cancun and its outskirts. There are also luxury vehicles available for rental.

In order to avoid having to wait hours for a cab or any other method of transportation when you arrive, you must arrange transportation services before your trip.

Transfers have the disadvantage that you cannot get around on your own. It is probably best to rent a car in Cancun in this case.

There is also no difficulty booking your transportation, whether you are taking a cab, ADO private transportation, or renting a car.

Modes of transportation available at Cancun Airport

One-way transportation or direct transportation

The best way to get to your destination is from the airport.

Transportation that is open

The minimum amount of travel time within a specific zone or destination is one hour. In this way, you can move between city plazas, restaurants, parks, and more in safety.

Transportation to and from the airport

You can use this type of transportation to go to and return from your destination.

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